My Journey

I have been told that I had intuitive tendencies while growing up, although I have little recollection of these experiences, I clearly knew and saw things that were not appearant to anyone else. As the years passed, I learned to trust these insights as my experiences continued to increase in both frequency and clarity.   As my desire for greater understanding increased I began to intently work with this aspect of my life.

My Training

I began a meditation practice, immersed myself in workshops on reading the human energy field (with Nick Nocerino) and workshops on exploring healing techniques using quartz crystals (Crystal Awareness with Dael Walker). As well as participating in the many shamanic druming sessions lead by Nan Moss (Down to Earth-Shamans Circle). These were fun and inspiring, especially to be around people with similar experiences and abilities.

Later, I began a series of intensive workshops designed to hone my intuitive abilities while learning more about the human energy field. Although this training fulfilled my desire to understand my insights and what I was seeing, I still held a profound curiostiy to explore the nature of shamanism. Thus began my journey into learning the healing arts of the ancient Andean shamans of Peru.

I attended the Healing the Light Body School at the Four Winds Society (Alberto Villoldo phd and Linda Fitch) where I studied the ways of the medicine wheel and shamanic practices. In addition, I have been fortunate to attend many workshops with the Q’ero elder Don Mariano Quispe Flores and Dennis Alejo Mango (a shamanic practitioner and interpreter for many Q’ero elders).  I discovered that shamanism is more then a spiritual path, it is a way of knowing and being and understanding the interconnectedness of everything.

My Commitment

"With a open heart, it is my commitment to be totally present  with you on your healing journey, helping you to reawaken to the wisdom and the truth of your own divineness.   As a guide, I reintergrate a holistic path helping you to embody transformation and move beyond to a place of joy and balance so you can live the life you wish to see in the world."