House & Land Clearing

I have always been focused on creating spaces of  beauty and safety for myself and my family whether it be in the home or on the land.  It is my purpose to bring harmony to disruptive or heavy energies attached to a building or land space while facilitating healing and attracting a renewed flow of vital life force energy.

Space Clearing and Land Healing are available in person or by phone/email. The costs vary based on what is required; please contact me with your questions.

I have listed below a variety of reasons for space clearing.  These are the most obvious ones that I have been asked to do.

Moving into a new home/office space (this can include a Blessing as well)

Resetting the energy of a home or business or land use

Cleansing from a major event – fire, divorce, death.

Persistent nightmares and sleeping problems

Perception of entities associated with the area or hauntings

Knowledge of past evil that has occurred on the premises